Mo Tejani is an acclaimed writer and global nomad who has traveled across all five continents. The first volume of his travel memoirs A Chameleon’s Tale: True Stories of a Global Refugee was a PEN Book Award finalist in New York. Three of his stories from the second volume Global Crossroads: Memoirs of a Travel Junkie have won prestigious awards in USA. Presentations of his work include a TEDx talk, book tours in Thailand and Australia and readings at Writers Festivals on the Asia circuit.

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"Mo's a natural born story teller gifted with a droll conversational style. He's led an extraordinary life, and his stories are like popcorn, delicious and irresistable."

Tim Cahill - Travel Author

"Hold tight for a 50-year gonzo ride from Africa to America to Asia, captured by Mo's camera-like eye for pivotal events."

Joe Cummings - Author Lonely Planet Thailand

"From the peaks of Kilimanjaro, Machupicchu and tripping on ganja at a 70s Pink Floyd concert, to the abysses of the tsunami... This is an engrossing and entertaining travelogue."

Jim Algie - Untamed Travel Magazine

"East African Asians—of whom the author is one—have no place on earth to call their own. ... free of nationalisms ... a man of the world whose experiences, generosity and curiosities are boundless."

Yasmin Alibhai Brown - The Independent UK

"A feast of colors, smells, tastes, laughter and tears. Mo is a storyteller with the credentials to call himself a true chameleon of the world."

Craig Roach - Imaginative Traveler Group

"Mo Tejani’s travels prove that it’s as much whom you meet as where you go."

Tony Wheeler - Founder of Lonely Planet

"Mo manages to be the quiet observer, respectfully capturing the essence of the people and culture, and only leaving his footsteps in the sand."

Cameron Marshall - ABC News commentator, Australia

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