Publication History

Creative Nonfiction

Global Crossroads: Memoirs of a Travel Junkie

Thank You Idi Amin: A Memoir of the Asian Exodus (Global Vision Press, 2010)

A Chameleon’s Tale: True Stories of a Global Refugee (Paiboon Publishing, 2006)

P.E.N. /Beyond Margins Book Award 2007 Finalist- USA.

Short Stories

"T-short Tango" Travelers Tales Annual Awards Competition, San Francisco, March 2011

Solas Silver Award for Travel Writing

"Fruits of Childhood," in Best Travel Writing of 2010 (Travelers Tales Press, 2010)

Solas Gold Award for Best Travel Writing

"Latin Cariño," Travelers Tales Annual Awards Competition, San Francisco, March 2010

Solas Gold Award for Travel Writing

"Joggers’ Jamboree," in Lost in Thailand (Writers Without Borders, 2010)

"Africa by Bus," Editors Choice, Online Travelers Tales, 2008


Reflections of a Globetrotting Middle-Aged Peacenik Muslim: A Collection of Poems, Essays, and Letters

Forthcoming eBook in 2012

"The Body and other Poems" (University of Michigan, 1974)

Winner of Avery Hopwood Poetry Award

"African Mama" (Broadside Press, 1973)

Feature Articles

"Beyond Brussels", Sawasdee magazine, October 2011

TEDx Talk: "Global Nomads: Bridging gaps between cultures" Chaing Mai University May 2011.

"New Horizons: A Story of Modern Shanghai," Sawasdee magazine, September 2010

"Take Care of Me Later: An Asian Tsunami Story," Glamour magazine, March 2005

"Asian Tsunami Tales," Metro Magazine, February 2005

"Midnight Road to Georgia—Thailand’s Janis Joplin," Metro Magazine, November 2004

"Golden Girls of Isaan—Olympic History," Metro Magazine, September 2004

"Stalking Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul," Untamed Travel magazine, June 2004

Travel Essays

"Ute Visions",, January 2012

"New Hampshire Twilight",, January 2012

"Iguazu",, January 2012

"Inca Gods",, January 2012

"A Letter to Charles Darwin From Galapagos",, November 2011

"Singida",, June 2011

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