Global Crossroads

memoirs of a travel junkie

What makes us travel? - A die-hard traveler reflects on the myriad cross-cultural conflicts and challenges he has faced in his travels over five continents. From Tanzania to Thailand, Argentina to Australia, Peru to the Philippines, this collection of true short stories not only explores the dramatic and often surprising differences between the many people that exist on our planet, but also raises questions about the values we hold, our refusal to change them, the conflicts those values create, and the ensuing violence they generate. The reader will be occasionally shocked and often amused by the rich panorama of experiences, insights, and revelations that this veteran traveler has to offer.


Adobe Hut

Adobe hut, Uganda

An Iguana

Iguanas, Galapagos

Relaxing on the farm

Bangalore, India


"Mo's travels prove that it's as much whom you meet as where you go."

Tony Wheeler - Founder of Lonely Planet

"Mo is a master storyteller! His incredible life has given him unique and hilarious insights into the world we live in."

Anthony Morse - host of History Channel’s Hidden Cities

"'Global Crossroads' is a fitting collection of some of Mo's finest tales from a person who understands a sense of place and his role as a story teller. ... Because of Mo's background as a political refugee, or perhaps of in spite of it, his restless spirit is the perfect travel companion."

Cameron Marshall - ABC News commentator, Australia


  • 'Latin Cariño' - Traveler's Tales' Best Travel Writing Solas Gold, 2010
  • 'Fruits of Childhood' - Traveler's Tales' Best Travel Writing Solas Gold, 2010
  • 'T-Shirt Tango' - Traveler's Tales' Best Travel Writing Solas Silver, 2011
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